MARC. The Name is a Guarantee.

MARC (Thailand) Company is an Engineering and Reliability Service Provider.

MARC (Thailand) Provide the Services and Repair for Turbine and Generator in the following Fields.

Power Generator  SERVICES

Generator Stator & Rotor Test, Overhaul, Rewind and Repair (both On-site and in our Shop). 

Monitoring, Protection & Control SERVICES

MARC offers,
> On & Off-line monitoring.
> Protection & Control ( All electrical switchgear, AVR and Electronics Governor). 


MARC provides a range of specialist mechanical services to Turbine overhaul, Re-blade, Parts replacement and Repair.


Our E Governor could help to solve the problem of
> Island Mode 
> De-excitation issue
> Overspeed
> Load swing / sharing

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MARC (Thailand) established as a maintenance and electrical & mechanical equipment repair center with a total operating covered workshop space of more than 6,400 sq.m. MARC (Thailand) employs 140 personals in a discipline of 26 License engineers, technicians,mechanics and support staffs.

MARC Credentials

To provide our customers with intergrated services of innovation excellence via delivery of diverse  resources of competitive and organisational capabilities, through a distributed and interdependent network of facilities, to add value to our customers and employees.

Our References

MARC (Thailand) CO.,LTD. field testing services will benefit you by verifying the condition of your electrical apparatus and ensuring the integrity of your electrical protective devices including providing accurate and professional engineering reports. With many years of experience under our belt, we have successfully assisted our trusted customers with their requirements.